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Having received several queries about Mac versions over the years, I had a go at crowd-sourcing some funds to fast-track a Mac-porting project some months ago. That was unsuccessful, sadly.

However, off the back of that I was given a battered old MacBook by a nice mathematician at the University of Bath. So, I've been playing with that a little in my spare time to see what I can do. With some extra RAM from eBay, I managed to drag it as far as OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and start compiling some code.

In the interest of creating better multi-platform code, I decided to look at Linux at the same time. So I grabbed Ubuntu Studio 14.04, installed it on an old USB stick and started developing on there too.

Update 2020, year of Covid

The Mac and Linux versions have matured a little now - see the main plugin pages for downloads.

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