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Welcome to GVST

This site contains several free VST effects and instruments for Windows. For the main part they are designed to be simple, light-weight and efficient, although some are more ambitious and some more experimental.

Please follow the links above to find out about and download the plug-ins. I will also try to explain a little of how each effect works and what its uses might be.

For general information about the installation and use of GVST plug-ins, please refer to the basics section.

If you find these plug-ins useful, then please consider making a donation to help support and encourage future developments.

GVST appeal at Kickstarter...

The recent Kickstarter appeal to fund Mac ports has now finished and was sadly unsuccessful. Many thanks to the people that did support the project with pledges, donations and messages. For now there are no plans to create Mac versions of the GVST plug-ins. I won't rule it out completely - events could always conspire to make it possible in the future.

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